Cheer Up!!


True, life in the Okanagan gets a little grey in November and requires more energy to keep your ‘spirit’ bucket filled.

So (sadly)…there are currently more hours of darkness than sunlight in a day! Also true.

And so, what if this weather inversion (the scientific term for the grey, heavy cloud that traps temperate air in our valley keeping us moderately warm, and our sunnies in the glove box) has just settled in for its typical three month stretch? It happens!


Here are 5 invigorating ways to manage short dark days, right here in God’s country.


Seek Light (and Vit D)

Sunlight is vital and is usually the first thing we notice that is missing in the late fall. Get above the clouds if you can. Drive the 45 minutes to Big White for lunch or better yet, a walk. When you get there, turn your face towards the sun and drink it in! Long, slow inhalations. Savor it.

Begin a Vitamin D regimen. Your body craves the nutrients, and promotes bone health in people of all ages. Consult a doctor before taking any supplements.


Indulge in some Self-Care

Arrange for some solitude. Book a float session at Gravity Float & Wellness. Float therapy has numerous benefits both physical and mental. In the perfectly calm buoyant water, your body can release stress, recalibrate your sleep cycle and improve your overall sense of well-being. The perfect companion treatment to float is massage. Massage therapy helps improve your flexibility and range of motion. It reduces pain and is simply luxurious. Who doesn’t need some of that? It’s also pleasurable.

Laughing is also good for the soul. Watch Homer and Lisa try floating:



The tried and true treatment for almost all that ails us! Adrenaline. Take yourself outside if possible and just get moving. A workout buddy works wonders to help with motivation or enlist the help of a personal trainer (if you’re following along on our Gravity journey, you already know about Manda Watt to customize a regime and keep you committed. Exercise also reduces the risk of weight gain that can easily creep on during the dark months.


Eat Clean

Locally sourced fruit and vegetables are one of the great benefits of living in the Okanagan. With our huge selection of apples, pears, and endless list of root vegetables, there is no excuse not to eat clean and affordably. All of these beauties keep for weeks in cold storage. Avoid refined sugars and high fat foods that cause weight gain. Make an effort to know your local farmers. They live closer to you, than you think.


Crank Up the Tunes

The positive side effects of this tip, need no explanation. Sing in the car! Leave talk radio off until later in the morning. Find music that pumps you up during work-outs! Go listen to live music with friends. Music therapy is magic. Just watch, listen and try not to smile…




Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller is a lifestyle writer whose articles and blogs feature interesting people, places and businesses. A former educator, she is a community volunteer and loves living and writing in the Okanagan.