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DeAnna Zein is a Registered Counsellor, and CFES personal trainer located in Kelowna, BC.

After completing her B.A in psychology at UBCO, DeAnna continued her studies in mental health and gained her certification in Counselling at the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling.

DeAnna’s specializes in helping individuals cope with anxiety, depression, PMDD, food addiction, and couples therapy. DeAnna is passionate about helping individuals who feel overwhelmed in their daily lives, are having troubles in their relationship, or those who struggle with weight loss and health management. Counseling theories vary dependent on the clients presenting symptoms, and she offers a safe, non-judgmental setting to work through the clients struggles.

Aside from DeAnna’s education, she has endured many life struggles of her own including divorce, single parenting, weight management, and battles with her own mental health. All of these life stressors are what makes DeAnna passionate about helping others overcome their difficulties.

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