Below are the most commonly asked we get from customers


No! We provide everything from robes, sandals, towels, all natural body wash, shampoo, conditioner, earplugs, and blow dryers. Each room is fully private as it’s recommended to go in the tanks completely nude, so no bathing suits are necessary.
Short answer would be yes. The reason for this is, that clothing will end up being heavy and become a distraction. Since the water is heated to skin temperature, wearing clothing will take away from the “feeling nothing” effect of Floating. Also as having high quality sanitation standards we do not want to take the chance of possibly putting clothes that have bacteria in the water.
We recommend that you do not drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks a few hours prior to your session. Avoid shaving or waxing since the salt may burn or irritate your skin. Try to eat a light meal 60-90 Minutes or so prior to the Float, and also be somewhat hydrated.
Not at all! It is extremely spacious inside with lighting, ambient music, and great ventilation. Closing the pod lid is also optional!
No. Our pods are consistently between 94-94.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is the ideal temperature for Floating.
It is required to wash your hair before and after Floating. If you just finished getting your hair styled it may not be suitable for you. Lacquers and water-based dyes are not allowed in our tanks.
Yes! Firstly, the 1000 lbs of Epsom salt solution alone makes it very hard for pathogens from thriving. Secondly, all our Float Pods filter the water 3 times after every Float, as well it will continuously clean when not in use. Our filtration systems are top of the line and consist of UV, and ozone sanitation. It also uses some of the highest quality filters used in the oil and gas industry, which removes every particle in the water. Due to health regulations we are using a low amount of chlorine as a disinfectant as well.
No. The water is extremely shallow, about 10-11 inches. It is far heavier than normal water due to the high concentration of salt. You are floating on your back with absolutely no effort and there is no tendency to roll over.
Short answer would be no. Everyone has their own regiment when it comes to Floating, and most people are coming for different reasons. We have clients that go every 3 days, to once a week, and some once a month.
That is completely controlled by you. Our pods have controls for music, and lighting at arms reach away, so you can personally customize your flotation experience.
No! It is totally up to you how long you decide to stay in the pod, however we strongly recommend you try to last the whole session for your first few times. After floating frequently you can fall into a meditative state far quicker, which you can cut the session short if you choose to.
Float tanks have been tested with floaters weighing up to 350lbs that were able to float without any issues.
Yes! Not only is it safe, it is highly encourage because pregnant women may experience some of the best relief from Floating. While being pregnant the added weight and pressure will likely cause pain and discomfort. The fact that your weightless and completely relaxed it can provide much needed stress relief during your time of pregnancy. If you are in your third trimester, or have any concerns, please consult your family physician prior to floating.
Yes. Just be respectful and follow the same protocols you would in a public swimming pool.
No. At Gravity we believe that Flotation Therapy is something that should be done individually. We have multiple tanks for a reason!
No. The high concentration of Epsom salt means that the water will not draw any salt from your skin and cause wrinkles like a traditional bath does. Epsom salt will actually help many skin conditions. It is extremely beneficial for the skin, and you will leave feeling silky smooth!
Yes! The tank is designed to have a steady flow of air. You also have the option of keeping the lid open or closed!
No. The water temperature is not hot enough to open your pores to cause you to lose excess water. This typically happens when you take a very hot Epsom salt bath at home.


Whole Body cCyotherapy originated in japan in 1978 for rheumatoid arthritis. This treatment expanded into Europe by scientists who began using it as a physical therapy tool. These scientists realized that not only was Cryotherapy an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, many other areas of the body responded quite positively.
The patient enters the Cryosauna, and as the nitrogen gas fills and cools the sauna to between -120 to -160 degrees Celsius. Over a period of 2.5-3 minutes the patients skin surface temperature is lowered. The sudden drop in temperature triggers the body's survival mechanisms. As a result, there is a release of endorphins as well as rapid circulation of oxygen rich blood throughout the body. Capillaries will expand up to four times their natural diameter, which enables your white blood cells to access and heal your injuries up to five times faster.
**Please be sure not to wear any oils, lotions, or sprays on your body as the moisture may cause frostbite. Men are required to wear underwear, where as women can go without. We provide thermal insulated socks, booties, and mittens to protect your extremities.
No. Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas. The air we breathe is made up of 78% nitrogen.
Yes. You would want to wait at least four hours between treatments.
In a long term, it could not, as the cold would damage the tissues. This is the reason why a Cryo treatment never exceeds 3 minutes. Length of the treatment has been established to get the skin temperature down 1 C. This way, frostbite does not happen, while the body thinks it’s freezing and mobilizes all its resourced to stay alive. 3 minute treatment in Cryosauna is much more effective and tolerable than taking a cold shower or sitting in an ice bath that athletes often use for post-workout recovery.
Yes. Researchers in Europe have been developing and refining Whole Body Cryoptherapy for over three decades. In a number of countries, it is used in hospitals, as well as included in state- supported preventative health care programs. The treatment is also embraced by numerous top-level athletes, including Olympic medalists. It is 100% natural with no negative side effects. Using a Cryosauna has proven to be absolutely safe, unless the person has one of the below listed conditions that are considered contraindications.
Both are completely fine. Receiving treatment before working out will enhance your energy and endurance, promotion muscle recovery. We recommend light exercise after your Cryo treatment. This will help in stabilizing your body's temperature and promote vasodilation.
The following are contraindications for Whole Body Cryotherapy: Pregnancy, untreated hypertension (BP 180/100), heart attack within previous 6 months, congestive heart failure, COPD, ischemic heart disease, tumor diseases, chronic liver disease, unstable angina pectoris, pacemaker, deep vein thrombosis or known circulatory dysfunctions, acute febrile respiratory conditions, acute kidney and urinary tract infections, severe anemia, seizure disorders, open sores, Raynaud’s disease, vasculitis hyperhidrosis or uncontrolled diabetes.
Whole Body Cryotherapy is very well tolerated and has very small risks. A small increase in blood pressure up to 10 points systolically can be expected but does not happen to all clients. The rise in blood pressure quickly returns to normal after the treatment. Allergic reactions to extreme cold are very rare but may happen.
Yes. It is very important to note that the Cryosauna is open at the top, with an adjustable platform that rises or lowers to fit the height of each client. The head and neck are open during the entire session so the patient is never fully covered at any point. Also the door is closed but never locked allowing the freedom to step out at anytime. Our sauna uses a magnetic door closure that guarantees easy exit in any situation.
Although every Whole Body Cryotherapy session benefits your overall well-being, research suggests that a minimum of 10 sessions over the course of a two to three week period will yield the best cumulative results. We recommend a maintenance program for optimal results. Professional athletes will require a more vigorous course of Cryotherapy treatments to achieve increased recovery and performance.

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