Floatation Therapy,
for a Strong Mind & Body

At Gravity Float and Wellness, we believe that a strong body is intrinsically linked to a strong mind.
The two go hand in hand to ensure your total well-being.

Floatation therapy has been proven to provide tremendous physical and mental benefits, making it an integral part of your overall health. Regular floatation therapy can provide relief from pain, stress and stress-related illnesses. Evidence suggests that flotation therapy can relieve the symptoms of many physical ailments in addition to anxiety and depression. In addition to these healing and restorative properties, flotation has tremendous benefits for mental clarity, creativity and relaxation.
At Gravity, our trained and professional staff will guide you through your floatation experience to ensure that you know what to expect and that you are fully at ease. Prior to your 90 minute float, we will provide you with a thorough orientation, showing you the tank and its features, ensuring that you understand the process and all of the benefits. Our mission is to ensure that your float is customized to your particular needs and that you are completely comfortable with your float.

Why Float?

Floatation therapy has been effectively used for many years in Europe. This amazing therapy has been endorsed by medical professionals and praised by athletes, wellness professionals, therapists and medical practitioners. When combined with Gravity’s cryotherapy and DreamWave massage treatments, float therapy is an important part of a solid mental and physical health regime.

Stress Relief

Through sensory deprivation and gravity reduction, floatation therapy has been proven to reduce stress and pain. Our floats will lead you into a state of deep relaxation, leading to a meditative state that has been proven to reduce stress and lead to lasting mental stillness and well-being.

Accelerate Healing

Gravity’s floatation therapy is a powerful component of recovery and healing. The benefits when the mind and body are working together to overcome injury, pain or fatigue are powerful. The gravity reduction of floating has been proven to reduce joint and muscle pain and lead to rejuvenation and faster recovery.

Improved Physical Performance

Science has shown that performance breakthroughs are often the result of a change in thinking and mind/body awareness. Many high performance athletes (and weekend warriors) have found that floating can provide the additional advantage they seek. The benefits of pain relief, improved recovery time and mental strength can improve your physical performance.

Deep Relaxation

True relaxation has tremendous physical and mental benefits. A 60 minute float can provide the benefits of four hours of sleep and may be the key that you need to reach total relaxation and its many healing benefits. The gravity reduction and sensory deprivation can induce the deepest states of relaxation and meditation, allowing you to heal your mind and body.

Mental Performance & Creativity

Gravity’s flotation therapy can be the entry to a meditative state that otherwise would take years to acquire. Whether you are new to mediation or are a practicing master, our therapy can guide you to a more powerful meditative experience. Science is increasingly showing the powerful benefits of meditation on creativity, learning, and focus and a Gravity float session can bring these benefits to you.

Are you ready to give floating a try?