Full Disclosure – from a first time floater

Do I mediate? Yeah, sure I do. Every day for 10 soulful, serene minutes before I begin my crazy hectic day! And then I move into 30 minutes of power yoga to stay limber, build strength and hold onto the Zen I found through meditation.

Except NOT!

Full disclosure-who can honestly keep a quiet mind for 10 minutes all the while fighting to stay awake! NO ONE! And since I’m going for it – Yoga just made me fat! Cardio junkies like me need lots of movement and then an alternative way to relax, chill out and heal.

That’s when a visit to Gravity Float & Wellness came in. Still unsure about how this was going to help me relax… could I possibly give myself over to a 94-degree tank of water filled with hundreds of kgs of Epsom salt? And just lay there? I am generally a skeptic, so I prepared myself for an ‘educational visit into the pod’ not an experiential visit. As promised, full disclosure.

These are the top 5 Takeaways from my Gravity Float Experience:

  1. Really Clean. In fact, the facility was sparkling! This would have been a deal breaker had I seen somebody’s hair floating in the water or a dust bunny hiding in the corner. But it was sterile and gleaming. Kudos to the cleaners and the staff who maintain this level of hygiene! Beautiful!
  2. Meditative Experience is NOT required! While floating, the water, the pod and the room do all of the work for you. The unique environment inside the float pod, triggers your body’s natural relaxation response quickly and gently. Delightful!
  3. So, I brought a few creature comforts from home just to add to my level of comfort. (Bathing suit: Wore it. Happy to have it on. Just shy I guess. Ear plugs: Didn’t use them. Pod was blissfully sound proof. So rare! Towel-:Didn’t need it. All toiletries were provided. Shampoo, soap etc. iWatch: Thought I should set an alarm!! Ha! Ridiculous. Soft light and music gently brought me back to life at the end of my 90-min session.
  4. Time escaped me! Did I mention it was a 90-minute session…this was the single greatest take away from Gravity Float and Wellness…I have no idea (to this day) what happened in there!? I might have fallen asleep but I’m not sure. I might have lay awake in that illusive meditative state, can’t say for sure.
  5. Ahh…The Post Float Experience was chill. Hot showers to rinse off the Epsom salt, time to redress and refresh. Herbal tea in the lounge and the residual healing effects of a sensory deprivation experience.

It’s really simple. First you float, then you relax, chill out and heal.

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About Gravity Float & Wellness

At Gravity float & Wellness we set out with the idea to provide Kelowna residents with a cohesive and comprehensive group of treatments, to aid your overall mind + body health and wellness. These treatments include float therapy (float pods or sensory deprivation tanks), cryotherapy (cryosauna) and massage (Inada Dreamwave). Our passion at Gravity is in making people happier and healthier.

Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller is a lifestyle writer whose articles and blogs feature interesting people, places and businesses. A former educator, she is a community volunteer and loves living and writing in the Okanagan. loumiller@me.com