Gravity’s Guide to Good Gifting

At this point we are well into panic mode about choosing the right Christmas gift for family, friends and work mates. It’s tough. It’s time consuming. It’s expensive and easy to get wrong.

Here is Gravity Float & Wellness’ Guide to Good Gifting.


Choose Wisely

Picking a gift for the kids in your life is easy. Adults are more difficult. The most difficult are the adults you care about – they can be arduous because we care so much and we want to do well. The best gifts offer a deeper reason for their selection. Good gifts offer something the recipient hadn’t imagined for themselves.

This is precisely why the gift of R.E.S.T. is so brilliant! Rest is Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy also known as Float Therapy.

Floating is the gift of Time and the gift of Peace.

90 uninterrupted minutes in a quiet float pod…you have someone in mind already. Right?


A Good Gift is Encouraging

Much like a set of tickets encourages a date night or an art class encourages creativity, the gift of floating encourages self-care. It sends the message that you are tuned into the recipient’s well-being. The gift of a float session tells our loved ones that you care not only about their physical needs but their emotional needs as well. Floating is also an adventurous gift choice, encouraging the recipient to do something out of the ordinary. Floating is the gift of Relaxation and Wonder.


Gifts Help Us Remember

Some of the best gifts we receive are experiential. They help us remember new beginnings or times when people cared beyond the norm. Memories provide us with something to revisit, even when the giver is no longer nearby. Subsequent experiences remind us of the wisest gifts. A summer float in the lake will remind us of a winter Float in a sensory deprivation tank. And the thoughtful giver who imagined it.

Floating is Personal and Unique.


And Finally, Give Without Expectation

A true gift giver expects nothing in return. The joy is in the giving.



Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller is a lifestyle writer whose articles and blogs feature interesting people, places and businesses. A former educator, she is a community volunteer and loves living and writing in the Okanagan.