Thoughts on Floating From Afar

We’re traveling through Catalonia, in Northeastern Spain. With the Pyrenees mountains and French border less than 300km to the north and the Mediterranean just steps away, we are in Begur on the Costa Brava (Wild Coast), in the province of Girona. It’s breath taking. Surprisingly, few people are traveling here and it’s relatively affordable.

Hundreds of professional cyclists call Girona home. It’s a sight to see so many cyclists in their riding gear, moving as ‘one’ on fantastic coastal roadways. They come for the scenic mountain climbs, the temperate weather, delicious local gastronomy and healing properties of the Med. Athletes, locals and travelers alike seek the healing properties of water.

The Mediterranean Sea is the draw. People from all walks of life come to the sea for the health benefits. Which brings me to the float. Always the float.

The salt content of the Mediterranean is high. And even though the water temperature in mid May is only 16 C, residents and visitors are out lying in the
water. They know that a gravity free environment activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, healing, replenishment etc. They’re seeking decreased muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, decreased stress hormones and increased endorphins. And they’re willing to go and hang out in uncomfortably cold water to find it!!

3 Key Ways the water and controlled environment in a float tank is superior, for a prolonged float.

1. Epsom Salts: for their ability to replenish magnesium in the body. Leaving skin soft and nourished instead of dry and gritty
2. Absolutely calm water (along with the Epsom) ensures a float with the face out of the water. It’s impossible to relax, anticipating a splash or a wave.
3. Temperature control. Sea temps in July reach about 23C. Still too cool for an extended, quiet abandonment.

Has science discovered a way to take a good idea from nature and improve upon it? Maximizing the benefits, making it accessible to more people, affordability?

We’re traveling today, by bicycle of course, to the Bathes of Dorres. It’s a natural thermal hot spring just across the French border…more water as therapy.


Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller
Lorraine Miller is a lifestyle writer whose articles and blogs feature interesting people, places and businesses. A former educator, she is a community volunteer and loves living and writing in the Okanagan. [email protected]